Maintenance and Repairs in the Master Watchmaker's Workshop
of Juwelier Schober in Homburg






A Regular Overhaul Serves to Maintain the Value

The movement of a mechanical watch is a tiny masterpiece that performs its duty on a daily basis in the smallest space. Considering the frequency and annual mileage of the balance wheel, the stress of such a timepiece is similar to the one of a car engine on a trip around the world. And so it goes without saying that a watch requires maintenance from time to time, too.

Otherwise, the mechanical load on the smallest scale leads, if the oil is worn out and loses its lubricating effect, to abrasion. The result is constant damage, bearings run out, the friction can no longer be overcome by the force of the main spring and the watch stops. Now parts must be replaced and possibly even made new.

To prevent this, we recommend the regular overhaul of your timepiece during which the movement is completely disassembled, cleaned, freshly oiled and greased, carefully assembled and regulated. If required, the luminous material of the hands is renewed, the case is cleaned and the metal strap is worked up. This maintains the value of your precious timepieces and ensures that you will have long to enjoy them.

Service we do in house:

  • Repairs, maintenance and overhauls for clocks and watches of all brands
  • Water tightness test and restore water tightness
  • Adjustments and makeovers
  • Battery replacement
  • Glass replacement (Plexi, mineral and sapphire glass)
  • Shorten watchstraps
  • Jewelry repairs of all kinds
  • Maintenance and reconditioning of jewelry and watches
  • Setting of pearl and stone necklaces
  • Engraving
  • Goldsmith works
  • Designs and custom-made products according to your wishes

We will be happy to advise you.